Corn Cow, Inc.

Corn Cow's mission is to provide products and services locally and sustainably to contribute to making a more healthy, sustainable and enjoyable world.

Corporate Policies
Corn Cow, Inc. places the highest priority on doing business that does not adversely impact the earth's environment. To this end, we take actions that:

  • have the smallest possible carbon footprint;
  • are planned with full awareness of, and in alignment with, fossil-fuel descent;
  • help mitigate climate change; and
  • create a more sustainable local environment.

Our product line is designed specifically to use sustainable, locally-sourced materials, and post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials to create useful merchandise that is itself recyclable and/or reusable. Wherever possible, containers will be collected for refilling.

The Board of Directors shall review Corn Cow's social and environmental performance annually.

The Board of Directors shall meet twice annually.

The Board of Directors shall review financial statements.

Corn Cow, Inc. visits all significant suppliers at least annually, gives preference to local, sustainable and fair trade suppliers.

Commitment to Women and Minorities

Corn Cow, Inc. makes every effort to hire women and minorities whenever possible. To this end, when hiring, we reach out to women and minorities to make sure they know of employment possibilities.

Community Service and Charitable Giving

Corn Cow, Inc. donates 2% of profits to the Rondout Valley Growers Association.

Independent Contractors

Corn Cow engages in review of performance; both gives and receives feedback regarding contracted work. Corn Cow establishes an understanding in the beginning of a business relationship; i.e. the start of a contract, Corn Cow is willing to receive feedback in order to address any concerns that arise during the contract period.

Corn Cow provides independent contractors with a post-project or post-contract performance feedback
form to communicate post-project or post-contract feedback to the company.

Consumer Warranty

Corn Cow provides a limited money-back guarantee on all its products. If a product fails within a year of purchase due to design or manufacturing flaws we will replace it or refund the purchase price. Our website address is listed on all of our products.

Corporate Review

Corn Cow's governing body reviews environmental and social performance at least two times a year.

This involves reviewing previous performance, looking for places to improve, setting performance goals and objectives, then creating a plan and strategies to implement the goals and objectives.



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